Helpful Uses for Salvia Seeds and Plants

The Salvia plant also known as Salvia Divinorum. The plant is found in South America, Central America and Southern Mexico. The plant is known for it healing properties. The name is actually derived from the word healing. It has been used over the ages to heal quite a number of ailments. It was used traditionally to heal snake bites, stomach and throat ailments. The plant comes from the family of ‘mint’ herbs. This is the reason why it is used to treat throat infections.

The plant contains two famous compounds. Salvinorin A and Salvinorim B. Salvinorim A has been used for it presence of kappa opioid. This substance has the same effects as opium and morphine. It affects neurotransmitters creating hallucinogenic effects to the user. Salvinorin B is know for its healing properties making this herb a candidate for medical break throughs. When well used, it is a great healer. It is also abused in some cases for its effects. Some religions have used its hallucinogenic properties to attain trances and out of mind states. It is used by diviners for ‘out of the world’ experieces while performing religious feats.

Medical uses of salvia
Salvia has been used to handle women hormonal issues. The plant can be ingested in cases where menses are irregular to regulate them. It also has been used to counteract the effects of menopause. Hot flashes, sweating and erratic menses are regulated by Salvia. This is because it has natural oestrogen that brings balance to this hormones.

It is also used to deal with throat infections. This has made it a common ingredient in sage tea. The mint aspect of the plant sooths the throat.
The herb has been used to regulate high blood pressure. Smoking it for these properties allows normal blood flow. It has been used for this reason as relaxation compound.
The herb is also famous for treating asthma. Many traditional will smoke this herb to treat respiratory diseases.
It also deals with digestive disorders. The herb has been known to deal with complications like ulcers and stomach sores. This healing factor has seen it used in conventional medicine in a more synthetic form.
It is known to heal skin disorders when applied.
The plant also has anti aging propertis when ingested.

Salvia is harvested for its leaves and roots. These are used and extracted for these compounds. The plant is dried directly for smoking. It can be applied directly, chewed or even smoked. The perennial herb produces purple flowers and can grow to a height of 2m. The plant will bloom in June and October. The plant comes in difference species. It can be cultvated indoors or outdoors. It needs a fairly humid environment for it to grow well.

The medicinal values of this herb are numerous. Most of them are blood related.It is a better option than conventional medicine. It is however advisable to be careful when taking the herb. Get advice from a qualified physician before engaging the herb.

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Some of the Medicinal Uses of Salvia

Salvia is defined as the largest genus in the Lamiaceae mint family. It has around 700 to 1000 known species of shrubs, herbaceous and perennial plants, as well as annual. Salvia is said to have some medicinal effects as well. Off all the species of salvia, the most infamous of these is salvia divinorum or more popularly known as the diviner’s sage. This species salvia divinorum Some of the Medicinal Uses of Salviaof salvia is notorious for having hallucinogenic properties and its legalization has been the subject of debate.

Despite its controversial status salvia divinorum has made some doctors see its potential in becoming a therapeutic miracle. They believe that there may be some derivatives made that can be used to combat against diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, and even AIDS and HIV.

Other sages (salvia species) also have various uses in the therapeutic department and are classified into 2 categories: 1) the aromatic sages and 2) the non aromatic sages. The latter however does not have any medicinal properties.

The salvia effects for the aromatic sages are the strengthening of the lungs. Consuming it as tea will prevent coughs. Cold tea stops sweating, while warm tea induces sweating. Cold and hot teas will also either stop or enhance the production of milk.

The white sage or salvia apiana is considered to be a very strong general anti-inflammatory. It can be used both as tea or tincture. So as you can see these little leaves can be used for more than just basic gardening designs. Imagine being able to grow these medical wonders and savor the nice salvia effects they offer. This shows that even tiny leaves growing in our surroundings can have huge effects. Whether be it salvia divinorum with its controversial legacy or salvia sclarea, you can bet your bottom dollar that these little plants will truly do wonders for you.

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Why the Effects of Salvia are Unique to Every Person

Just like any other addictive substance, Salvia has different kinds of effects on different people. Its effects on an individual vary greatly depending on the individual’s tolerance. It is therefore important for all Salvia users to understand its effects so that they can be able to know how to deal with them. It is important for both the experienced and the starters of Salvia to know that its effects are somehow different from the ones caused by other psychoactive substances and therefore, the way and individual deals with Salvia effects cannot be directly be applied when dealing with other type of effects from the use of these other substances. There is a great difference.

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The Salvia effects on different users also depends on the individual’s weight, amount taken, method used, strength of Salvia taken and above of all, tolerance. Depending on these aspects therefore, the amount of effect varies greatly and it can range from being mild to severe. Some people feel that people who use Salvia are party spoilers. The reality though is that Salvia users are look withdrawn and engaged in their hallucinating experience. This means that only very few cases that can prove that Salvia users are party spoilers. These few cases are therefore attributed to the individual’s character and other factors not related to the substance. Understanding these issues in advance before you buy Salvia is critical because then, you will be able to decided on the amount of Salvia that is suitable for you.
It is also important to know that even though Salvia is believed to stimulate certain brain receptors, it is not related to any of the narcotics such as cocaine, heroin and so on. They are however regarded as hallucinogenic. Narcotics on the other hand, are known to act on the brain receptors seductively and as pain relievers, and are know to be responsible in cases of euphoria. Some users confess that they developed the urge to take more Salvia after having a few ingestions of it. Others appear to become more addicted and sensitive to Salvia after taking it for a few times. This shows how each person succumbs to Salvia effects differently. It is also advisable that as a beginner, you take Salvia in small amounts because its effects can sometimes be overpowering. This information should help you in knowing the kind of effects you expect before you go ahead to buy Salvia for yourself.


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If You Buy Salvia for the Salvia Effects, Just What Are They

Though Salvia Divinorum appears to be really safe in terms of physiology, people must keep in mind that very few studies have been conducted regarding the Salvia effects. Of the studies done on it, no one has confirmed any major results. Like most of the unknown substances, Salvia divinorum can be dangerous if used irresponsibly. If you decide to buy Salvia image33 245x300 If You Buy Salvia for the Salvia Effects, Just What Are Theyor try to prepare it on your own for the Salvia effects, it is your responsibility to take the proper safety measures so that you do not harm yourself or others under its influence.

Salvia divinorum is a supernatural herb that is used in many ways. This drug is quite different from alcohol, which is both similar to and different from other drugs that have an effect on the brain and performance in many ways. People want to buy Salvia which is used as a sacred medicine by local healers living in the hilly areas of the Mexican State. It is mainly being used in situations where the people find it is necessary to travel into the mystic world to discover the exact cause of the patient’s problem. It is used in a traditional manner to bring about an imaginative state, where it is possible to find out the basic cause of Salvia effects, and to learn what steps should be taken to remedy such disease. Perhaps the real usage of Salvia is still hidden away from the outer world by the groups of local Mexican Indians who still prefer to keep such a sacred plant secret.

If you really want to buy Salvia and get rid of Salvia effects, the best way is to approach business suppliers and purchase it from them or you could log on to the related websites. There are many vendors who supply them without any knowledge, not knowing the side effects caused by them, which is irresponsible. As a potential customer, it is important that you trust your dealer and feel happy that your money is being spent sensibly.

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